Equipping you Spiritually, Personally, and Professionally.

APOM Community 

Are You Ready To Walk In The Fullness of Your Calling?

APOM is a faith-based coaching community for leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional Women who desire to walk in the fullness of their calling in and outside of the church's four walls. 

God has assigned each of us to a sphere of influence. Whether it's ministry, entertainment, education, healthcare, beauty, government, technology, or business, God has assigned us there for a reason. Whatever sphere(s) you are assigned to, it is your ministry. The goal is for God's kingdom to be advanced here on earth through you! We all are significant and have a part in seeing this mandate fulfilled. 

We coach, train, and lead women to be effective in their sphere of influence. We train women on how to hear the voice of God in any setting. We lead leaders and offer leadership support. We help women identify their assignments and help them discern times, seasons, and opportunities. We teach women how to use their platforms, gifts, careers, and business to advance the kingdom of God. We teach women how to be good stewards and the importance of stewardship.

We've designed a twelve-month coaching plan to help leaders in any sphere of influence grow spiritually, personally, and professionally.  

What You'll Receive

  • A 12-month coaching plan designed to meet the immediate needs of the women of our community.
  • 24/7 coaching available with two coaching methods: group coaching and individual coaching.
  • Free trainings and workshops to help you achieve your spiritual, personal, and professional goals.
  • Access to exclusive content, live recordings, teachings, and replays.

   Our Top 5 Focus Areas

  1. Help women hear, discern, obey, and respond to the voice of God.
  2. Develop and bring out the leader within you.
  3. Help women identify their assignments by knowing what to do, when to do it, and how.
  4. Help women use their platforms, businesses, brands, and giftings to influence the world around them. 
  5. Teach women how to be good stewards over what they have and desire to have and the importance of stewardship. 

Ready To Commit?

Becoming a member is a commitment, and we ask that you take your commitment seriously. Our team is committed to helping you reach higher heights and become all that God's destined you to be. 

The best part of our community is you can use it at any time. You have access to our community, courses, and replays 24/7.


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